Sunday, June 19, 2011

Female Priests in the RCC.

Well, kind of.
In 2002, seven women were secretly ordained as priests by two Roman Catholic bishops in Germany. After their ordination, a kind of domino effect ensued.
Those seven women went on to ordain other women, and a movement to ordain female priests all around the world was born. The movement, named Roman Catholic Womenpriests, says more than a hundred women have been ordained since 2002, and two-thirds of them are in the U.S.
Women?! In my patriarchal society?! Call my lawyers!

I know this is a lot to take in, but bear with me. The original bishop who ordained these women, in my best educated guess, contradicted Catholic Dogma. (This link is vile, click on it if you must, see for yourself.)

Surely, this will be resolved by the RCC by simply dismissing the female priests and nullifying the matter. But it does raise many interesting questions, such as: Why do these women pursue a doctrine that has no interest in equality? Note: I am not arguing about the existence of a god here. I am not saying they should just leave their faith altogether. I want to know why they don't simply switch teams, like so many others do. Even mainline Protestants allow women folk to dress up and talk to Jesus.

The RCC cannot defend this one.
Certain.aspects of the sacraments may change over time, such as the language of the liturgy or the manner in which penance is received. However, male-only ordination is something that has never changed, nor can it ever be changed. The Church’s attitude may appear archaic, but it is one of fidelity to a universal tradition in both the East and the West, extending throughout the history of the Church.

It comes down to this: Na na na na, I have a penis. You don't.

Seriously, these are the people that have a monopoly on morality. Got that, ladies?


  1. I didn't know that. But no wonder: I don't give a damn about church or feminism :D

  2. Yeah I totally see what you mean