Monday, September 12, 2011

What I need.

Haven't touched the blog in three days! Busy, busy, busy!

So in light of some recent activity, I have come to the conclusion that the people I am engaging in are not attempting to communicate on the same level. We aren't speaking the same language.

So this is what I need:

Serious discussion. The phrase "claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence" has never held more weight. I don't want to read through paragraphs of anectdotes and claims of why the scientific community is profit driven hence ID is not allowed. I don't want conspiracy theory. If you have something to say. Back it up with the numbers and the evidence.

Do Not:

-Go on tangents about totally unrelated topics. (What keeps you from raping children if there is no god).

- Start praying for me. (I appreciate your thought behind it, but do it behind closed doors, as your book says)

-Shift what is being discussed immediately to religion. Note: I do not use biology to deconvert you. I don't say "Hey look, evolution, therefore no god." If you want to make the argument against evolution, bring up something that you feel cannot be explained by the existing body of knowledge.

- Cherry pick science. Do not dismiss things that you disagree with and latch on to that which can lend you support.

-This one is important- do not bring the masons into it. Really. It makes you look like the kind of person rational people don't want to talk to.


-Support your claims. Cite evidence. Really, out of your paragraphs of text- I have nothing to address. Why? Because these are claims you pull out of nowhere. You cannot just claim something counter to me without citing it. That doesn't interest me. Really, if you have a point to make throw it in my face. Show me how your position is what is accepted as reality. Do not say that the establishment is against you. I will just say to go make a tinfoil hat.

-Stay on topic.

-Ask questions. Seriously, outline them! I would like to help answer something that you may have a question about. At the very least I can point you to the way of resources.

- Keep in mind that I was a Christian for nearly two decades. I really really know your material. I also really really know the material of young earth creationists. I do. I have read and heard it all. There is nothing compelling they have to offer.

That is all that comes to mind for now. I will add more as I see fit.

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  1. i remember seeing a survey of how much people knew about religion. atheists came out on top :)