Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rant: Legal Systems, Failing Grades, and Why Rick Perry Shouldn't Become the POTUS

I'll be the first to admit my knowledge of the U.S. Justice system is sub par (to say the least). I know the basic tenets- but when it comes down to it, I get confused on ruling, procedures, and technicalities. I do not go onto public forums and act as an armchair lawyer, because my ass will be handed to me.

This being said, I do understand the law and what can violate the Constitution. I understand that lines may be blurred and rulings can become very subjective (see: WBC and Free Speech). However, though this may not be my field of study, yet I can spot injustice (for the most part.)

Let us explore a little scenario:

Yesterday the West Memphis 3 were freed, for the most part. (Again, I have some confusions as the implications of the Alford plea). So this is well and good, and justice has (partially, and quite minimally) been served. I can agree with it- or not. I can pretend that my 'expertise' in the matters predicted that this would eventually be the outcome for the WM 3. So let's pretend, though, that I am convinced of my abilities as an armchair lawyer. Just by watching CNN or Fox, I can predict the outcome of cases. Let's say that I am so confident, that I decide to run for county judge.

We can easily see that my knowledge (in all its limitations) does not qualify me as a respectable candidate. I am sure, come election time, voters would want to see my qualifications to be a judge. The voters have standards and these offices have requisites that must be met.

So what does this have to do with Rick Perry? I'll make the ties later- but first some background on this asshat.

Rick Perry is the governor of Texas, and is responsible for the death of an innocent man.  Dick Perry is also (in case you have been in a cave, with bitchin' WiFi) a serious contender for the GOP presidential nomination. Like me, Rick Perry does not have a law degree. Shocking, I know. However where we differ is that I am 100% confident I would run this country into the ground if I were elected; because I do not have the back ground that is a required minimum of someone who is to take position as POTUS. Neither does Perry. Take a look at his grades as an undergraduate at Texas A&M.

O faithful readers, I beseech ye, in all thine wisdom to gloss thy eyes of fortitude into the abyss that is Rick Perry's transcripts.  Tell me, what stands out to you?

Is it the 'D' in economics? Or maybe the 'C' in American History? Maybe it is that 1.97 GPA. I know outside of academia, grades generally don't mean squat. However, Perry's work ethics shine through in this case, and it is evident that he is a person that does not care (in many meaning of the phrase.)

So now let's draw some parallels between my hypothetical candidacy for a judge and Perry's very real run for POTUS.

1. The candidate is not minimally qualified for the position.

Rick Perry is not a qualified candidate and it isn't merely based on his grades. A pile of shit is residue every time this man opens his mouth. However, this is something that shouldn't be overlooked. He lacks the basic competence that goes with this job. How will he dictate the Fed without a proper understanding of economics? How will he make sound choices when being pridefully ignorant of history? How will he decipher bullshit if it is given to him? 

2. Well I really just wanted to focus on the first item.

I cannot dole out enough contempt for the arrogance that is Rick Perry. This man is not only confident in himself to fill the role as president, but also feels he is the best person for the job. Our country is hurting, and D's in economic policy aren't going to help us. 

But Rick Perry doesn't stop there. He is actively trying to undo decades of rights fought for by women, minorities, and the GLBTQ community. Rick Perry thinks the Constitution will become his 'Welcome' mat. Rick Perry thinks that he will shuffle legal systems, congressional powers, and eliminate checks and balances.

Fuck you, Rick Perry.


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