Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This. This is the reason for today's post. D.G.'s deli. A love of mine- no, a f*cking staple of my existence. Chicken. Turkey. GRILLED! Throw some spicy mustard on that bad boy and daddy has a sexy little lunchtime date.

Om. Nom. Nom.

Satisfaction- pure bliss embodied by the convergence of two carbohydrotic layers, mangled with cheese. It is with severe cognitive dissonance I eat this.

My vegetarian friend would shun me (that and because I only have only one gear).

He may say "Michael, why eat that when you could have a literal cubic tonne of cheese packed into pizza dough, washed down by stout with a head thick enough to play marbles on?"....

...Or he may insult me by calling me the name of a popular Greek yogurt.

All this aside, my vegetarian friend would be correct in pointing at my consumption, and asserting that for my lunch two animals (at the minimum) died. To feed me.

For about a year I have tried to reduce my carnivorous behavior. Last summer I cut all meat from my diet, in hopes to sustain better health when in my triathlon class. But as time passed, I returned to eating animal based products.

There are usual arguments for a person's choice to eat meat. Such as taste. Cool. Great. You think the taste of an animal is superior. Well that can be countered with someone saying "I don't like the taste of meat." So this becomes as useful all other aesthetic arguments. So why do we consume animal products that directly result from harm of a sentient being? I eat meat, but hate all the reasons justifying it. I am a true epicurean bisexual.

My answer: I don't know. I suspect many people might have this to say as well. Maybe some haven't given thought to it, maybe some have and still prefer to eat meat. Maybe there is a reason, higher than all of us- our genes. Humans evolved to be omnivorous. Well, sure, but that is a naturalistic fallacy.

We have responsibility to minimize suffering, especially that suffering inflicted because we like the taste. Can you even recall what the best thing you ever tasted was, not just the perception of it being 'fuggin delish, yo'.?

Why do I continue to eat meat? Because I am in America- and like everything else, we have a stratification amongst who has access to to better food. I am a student. I am poor. Yet I understand that Mickey D's should not be a tolerated option. Sadly, too many people in my income bracket have to choose between a ten pound block of frozen ground beef, that will feed their family for a few days, and a few ripe veggies that cannot.

Access to alternative ways of cooking and buying food is not a reality for many Americans. Thus we support the least regulated industry in our country, many cuts to come. We are faced with our own needs, pitted against the lives of animals. And guess who wins?

Anyone want the other half of this sandwich?


This is, in no way, intended to be slanderous to my Vegetarian Friend (TM). In fact, give him all your money.


  1. I want the other half!!!!

  2. Awesome post, did not expect so much details. Keep it coming man :s

  3. I vote you post that sandwich across the Atlantic to me! And I object to your intolerance of McDonalds - you know they do a box of 20 chicken nuggets? 20! Just sayin'...

  4. other half please??
    I'm not into beef and steak, but I do like my chicken and turkey.
    I don't eat meat too often though..but probably couldn't be vegetarian.

  5. nice post! i love all meat lol. from steak to chicken and especially fish!!

  6. nice post, I'll take the other half!



  8. Our brains evolved because we ate a lot of fish and late out physical form was improved because we are white meat.

    Evolution wants us to devour little baby ducks!

  9. Looks very yummy to me. i love meat

  10. McDonalds is an abomination to food tbh. nice post. I like the way you write, followed :)

  11. why do I feel so hungry...

  12. Good thing I ate before reading this.

  13. I now crave a delicious sandwich which i cannot obtain! Blast!

    But i have to agree with your indecision. Meat is always a tough question.